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I have been long searching for vitamins which do not taste overpowering for my daughter! This product is fab i can give her the vitamins with her thinking i am giving her jelly beans! Great stuff 👍👍👍 - ActiKid Magic Beans - Raspberry Flavour

Nafeesa Ahmed

Amazon Customer

My daughter loves the taste, and sees them as a treat (the jelly Bean style design helps!). A great way to get some supplementary vitamins and minerals into her. - ActiKid Magic Beans - Orange Flavour

John Hobb

Amazon Customer

Very tasty and vegetarian as well!!! Everyone in the family loves them! - ActiKid Magic Beans - Apple Flavour

Natalie Black

Amazon Customer


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Apr 18

New Product!

New Product!

ActiKid Delictase Colic Relief Drops, 15ml. Available to purchase on the ActiKid website and Amazon.

Interesting facts about Colic. 

Did you know? About 20-25% of babies are affected by colic during...

Apr 10

7 Benefits of Honey

7 Benefits of Honey

Honey has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. In this article we explore the health benefits of one of the oldest sweeteners known to man. Bees swallow, digest and...