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I have been long searching for vitamins which do not taste overpowering for my daughter! This product is fab i can give her the vitamins with her thinking i am giving her jelly beans! Great stuff 👍👍👍 - ActiKid Magic Beans - Raspberry Flavour

Nafeesa Ahmed

Amazon Customer

My daughter loves the taste, and sees them as a treat (the jelly Bean style design helps!). A great way to get some supplementary vitamins and minerals into her. - ActiKid Magic Beans - Orange Flavour

John Hobb

Amazon Customer

Very tasty and vegetarian as well!!! Everyone in the family loves them! - ActiKid Magic Beans - Apple Flavour

Natalie Black

Amazon Customer


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Sep 13

Prepare your child for the new school term

Prepare your child for the new school term

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Aug 01

Omega-3 for kids

Omega-3 for kids

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