ActiKid ® is a leading healthcare brand, based in the UK, promoting healthy living for children.

In the current calorie conscious culture, it would be easy to assume that caloric intake is the key to your child’s health. But a recent NHS survey found that 1 in 3 children in the UK are obese by the time they leave primary school. And scientists from Imperial College London in 2016 found for the first time that there are more obese than underweight people in the world.

Therefore, most children today are not lacking calories, but nutrients. They are consuming high-levels of over-processed simple carbohydrates and refined sugars and not enough nutrient-dense unrefined foods. ActiKid® has a range of industry-leading healthcare products designed to not only combat nutrient deficits but to also provide holistic healthcare covering areas including skin care.

ActiKid® products contain carefully researched formulas of vitamins and minerals to contribute to your child’s normal brain function, skin, eyes, immune and nervous systems, metabolism and energy levels so they can maximise their potential.

ActiKid® draws on the latest scientific research and development to bring you products manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards with the best quality natural ingredients.

ActiKid® also educates children and parents so that they can make the best possible dietary choices in the future in an informative and interactive manner. Children are educated in how to eat, exercise and even study in a comprehensive approach to health. ActiKids have both active minds and active bodies! Every parent wants their kid to be an ActiKid®.

Quality Guarantee:

Our customers deserve the best service and the highest quality products. This means being sensitive to consumer needs and utilising the latest technology and research in our pursuit of human well-being. All our products are manufactured and packaged in the UK and EU to the highest GMP standards.