Cricket World Cup 2019 - 7 reasons why your child should play cricket this summer

cricket world cup 2019

With the Cricket World Cup 2019 ongoing, we take a look at 7 benefits which children can gain from participating in the sport. 

The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup is the 12th edition of the tournament, being hosted by England and Wales from 30th May to 14th July 2019. As the UK is currently experiencing a bit of cricket fever we have listed 7 benefits of cricket for kids. 

  1. Good Exercise: Whether you're playing an lighthearted friendly or a full on intense match, children will get a good work-out from this sport as it is a cardiovascular exercise and they will have to utilise their muscles. This makes it a good combination sport.
  2. Teaching Sociability: Organised cricket games for kids also teach lots of important skills, such as how to socialise with others. This is especially helpful for children from smaller families who are less used to playing in groups. 
  3. Having Fun: One of the biggest benefits of cricket for families is that it is fun. When you're sliding across the ground to catch a ball you'll become fully immersed in the game. This can be fun and liberating for kids. 

  4. Learning to multitask: As your child will be performing different actions simultaneously such as running and catching the ball. This can help improve their ability to multitask.

  5. Strong concentration skills: Whether it's catching a ball, batting or bowling, to play cricket you need strong concentration skills. This is a vital skill to acquire as it can be applied to other aspects of your child's life.

  6. The importance of teamwork: Cricket also promotes teamwork. Kids learn to work together to achieve their goals, drawing on each other's different strengths. 

  7. Hand-eye coordination: To play cricket you will need good hand-eye coordination. So starting the sport young will help develop this kind of motor skill.

So those are the 7 reasons why your child should try cricket this summer while enjoying the Cricket World Cup 2019. So go and get your whites on and start having some fun!

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