Benefits of boxing for children

benefits of boxing for children

The benefits of boxing for children and teenagers - how it can play a positive role in our society.   

Over the last couple of years we've seen a rapid increase in knife crime in the UK.

At the end of 2017 the total number of knife crimes across the UK was recorded as 212. This figure rose rapidly the following year and by the end of 2018 the number of knife crimes recorded was 285. 

So far this year over 50 knife related incidents have occurred within London, as a result of this knife crime epidemic the UK government has been forced to take action and tackle the issue.     

Academic research suggests one of the main solutions is to put children and young people first. This includes investing in youth services, social care and extracurricular activities.  

A government spokesperson said sport and culture have the power to increase physical and mental well-being, and connect people of all ages and backgrounds.

Figures released by Sport England showed that boxing is more popular than ever. There has been a rapid rise in the number of children and teenagers participating in boxing clubs.

In this article we take a look at the benefits of boxing for children and teenagers. Research studies suggests that young people should spend at least half an hour each day being active. Boxing can be an excellent way for your kids to stay active and give them something productive to do after school.   

Listed below are 8 Benefits of boxing for children and teenagers:

  1. Set Goals: Kids learn how to set goals for themselves when they box. They are shown how to overcome challenges and progress to the next stage. Furthermore, your child does not have to win a tournament to feel good about achieving goals.

  2. Focus: Boxing requires intense concentration to be successful in it. It is physically demanding and it will also tests the kids mental strength. This can improve your child/teenager's attention in the classroom and improve academic success.   

  3. Self-Defense: Boxing equips the youth with the necessary skills to defend themselves. Importantly trainers always ensure kids understand to only use their skills for self-defense.    

  4. Instill Respect: Boxing teaches children and teenagers to respect authority and their peers. Trainers teach self-respect and encourage kids to hold their head high at all times. Good sportsmanship is instilled early on and is a valuable lesson for kids to learn throughout their life.  

  5. Build Confidence: Giving young people emotional support and encouragement can help them develop better self-esteem. It helps them stay motivated and builds character knowing they can persevere through tough situations.      

  6. Social Development: While boxing is an individual sport, it still gives kids the chance to meet other kids. So your child can make friends with people their age and from different backgrounds.This can significantly improve their social development.

  7. Discipline: One of the most important lessons kids and teenagers learn from boxing is discipline. This sport demands mental and physical strength. Furthermore, it enables young people to overcome challenges that strengthen their character.

  8. Education: Boxing sharpens kids problem-solving skills and teaches them about health and fitness. They appreciate the importance of a healthy diet because of how it will improve their performance in a match. 

As explained above the benefits of boxing for children are phenomenal. Furthermore, boxing can be instrumental not just to your child's development but can also contribute to reducing the number of youth crimes in our society.

The violent knife crime epidemic in London has led to the creation of a charity organisation called ''Gloves Up Knifes Down'' which was founded in 2019. They are a social enterprise committed to supporting young people living in communities affected by knife crime, providing access to boxing training to help them lead fulfilling and healthy lives away from crime.   

If you do decide to register your child in a boxing club, it is important that they are consuming the necessary vitamins to ensure they are fully energised throughout their workout. ActiKid Magic Beans Multi-Vitamin contain 12 vitamins and minerals which are formulated to increase energy and reduce tiredness and fatigue. 

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