Karate Self-Defence - A Character Building Sport For Children

karate self-defence

Karate is simultaneously a form of fitness training, a way of building confidence, a competitive sport, an effective form of self-defence and a way of life. 

In this article we take a look at how karate can be beneficial for your child and the key skills they can gain for taking part in the sport. 

Previous research studies have demonstrated that participating in martial arts such as karate can help improve emotional stability and reduce aggression. This may sound like a paradox due to the violent nature of the sport, however, through the teachings and practices of karate, your child will be able to gain better control over their emotions and behaviour.   

There are many activities to do in karate, such as learning a new language (Japanese), focus pads, learning new self-defence moves, games and there is always something new every session.

The benefits which your child can gain from attending karate self-defence classes are:

Focus - Many children tend to fidget and become distracted. However, during karate lessons your child will have to remain focused so that they can execute the techniques they are taught. Over time this will improve their concentration levels and this can be beneficial for their studies..

Communication - Meeting new kids at karate lessons will help your child become better at socialising as they will interact with kids from different background. Furthermore, at some point your child will be given the chance to teach what they have learnt to the instructor and their classmates.

Self-belief- Children will be given tasks to complete that may seem challenging at first, however, through vigorous training your child will develop a can do attitude. The more lessons they attend the more self-belief and confidence your child will develop. This is an important trait which your child could utilise outside of karate.  

Physical endurance - Children will be tested through physical examinations and tournaments which will test their abilities and skills. This is essential and vital in helping them reach their full potential. 

As explained above there are numerous benefits from sending your child to karate classes, as it can help improve them physically, mentally and spiritually (inner chi).

If you want your child to maximise their potential it is important to give them the vitamins that allow them to perform their best in karate lessons, tournaments, and gradings. These vitamins can be obtained from healthy foods as well as from supplements such as Actikid Magic Beans which contain 12 vitamins and minerals. ActiKid Magic Beans are also formulated to increase energy and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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