Four Life Skills Every Child Should Learn

four life skills every child should learn

In this article we discuss the importance of life skills and how it can help prepare your child to face the challenges of life.

We live in a fast paced, gadget-centric life where more devices are constantly being released. This is why it is important to educate and nurture your child so they can become competent in today’s fast changing world.

Most children usually pick up life skills from their parents as it is part of growing up. Remember how our elders instilled life skills in us as a way of life, the process was so natural that we didn’t even know we were learning something.

Helping mum with cleaning the room, gardening or her reading a bedtime story, these were a few ways in which we learned life skills though activities. Even today, our decision-making process is subconsciously influenced by what we learned as a child from our parents. Life skills are precious lessons which our children can use throughout their lifetime.

Life skills go hand in hand with development and can help children succeed later in life. We take a look at the most important life skills which children should know and ways to incorporate them into their daily routine.

Encourage the love for learning:

It is imperative to implant the love for learning in your little ones from the early stages. This can be achieved through encouraging creativity, helping them discover their passion and making learning fun.      

Making decisions:

Making good decisions along with problem solving are life skills every child should start learning as early as possible. This will help build self-confidence and self-esteem which will contribute to them having a bright future.

One way to achieve this is to introduce a decision-making process, this involves helping your child identify a problem, gather relative information and then come up with possible solutions to that problem. This can be a great activity to practice with your child to develop good decision-making skills.    

The importance of listening:

It is important to develop listening skills in your your young ones. Talking and listening to your child holds a lot of importance, as it helps your child become a better communicator and problem solver. The more you let them speak, the more their imagination and vocabulary increases.

Believe in yourself:

Above all, children need to believe in themselves; their worth, their value and their potential. In this competitive world, which is full of talent and creativeness, it is vital to believe in your child’s abilities. By doing so this will help build confidence in them so they can also believe in their own talents and capabilities.

These are important life skills which we feel children should learn and incorporate in their young lives, as they are essential. Furthermore, your child will utilise and benefit from these skills when they get older.
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ActiKid – Nourishing the next generation.   

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