New Product! - ActiKid Colic Relief Drops

New Product! - ActiKid Colic Relief Drops

ActiKid Delictase Colic Relief Drops, 15ml. Available to purchase on the ActiKid website and Amazon.

Interesting facts about Colic. 

Did you know? About 20-25% of babies are affected by colic during their first 3-4 months.

What is Colic? When babies have trouble in digesting lactose in milk, resulting in irritability, agitation and crying.

How do ActiKid Delictase Colic Relief Drops help? - They contain lactase enzyme which helps break down the lactose in milk making it easier for babies to digest.

How should I give my baby Colic Relief Drops? - They can be taken with mother’s milk or with infant formula.

With mother's milk: Place the adequate number of drops in a previously sterilised spoon and give it directly to the baby's mouth, following the indications of the dosing table on the baby's age and the number of drops per meal. Proceed to breastfeed as usual.       

With infant formula and ready-to-use liquid formula: Carefully prepare the infant formula according to the manufacture's instruction. Add the ActiKid® Delictase® drops to lukewarm milk according to the dosing table: Discard the formula that is not used.

Important notes about ActiKid Delictase Colic Relief Drops: 

  • ActiKid® Delictase® is an enzyme, and as such is destroyed by heat. it is recommended that the addition of ActiKid® Delictase® to milk be carried out when the milk is lukewarm or at room temperature.
  • Always carefully follow the instructions for use included in this leaflet.
  • Do not add ActiKid® Delictase® to milk that is too hot or too cold. If the baby's discomfort persists, consult your physician.

Benefits of ActiKid Delictase Colic Relief Drops:

  • It acts on the causes of colic.
  • It is safe to use from birth and sugar free.
  • It is also preservative free with no artificial colours.
  • It does not need refrigeration.
  • It is also Halal