Prepare your child for the new school term

prepare your child for the new school term

Starting a new school term can be challenging for children. Many children feel anxious, nervous, excited, worried, enthusiastic or concerned before returning back to school. As the start of a new academic journey may fill your child with mixed emotions, it is important to reassure and help prepare your little one for the new school term.

Listed below are useful tips that can help prepare your child for a new term:

1. It is best to be a friend to your child, as it makes it easier for them to share their concerns. This approach enables you to gain some insights on both the excitement and worries regarding the new school term.

2. Visiting the school with your child is very important. This allows you to see their classroom and meet the teacher before they return to school. This allows your child to become aware of the environment and knows what to expect.

3. A brief discussion with your child regarding the school timings and schedule can be beneficial, as it will help aid their mental preparation.

4. Taking your child to school during the initial days of the new term can also be beneficial. This method will make your child feel safe, comfortable and help them settle quicker. 

5. Ensure your child is prepared with all the essential equipment for the new school term, such as stationery and books.

6. Point out the positive aspects of attending school. Inform your child that they will establish long lasting friendships. Furthermore, advise your child that school is a fantastic opportunity to help expand their knowledge and widen their skill range to improve their job prospects.

7. Share your own experiences with your child regarding your school days and how you performed at school, this will help prepare them for certain challenges which they are yet to experience.

We hope you can utilise these tips to help prepare your child for the new school term.

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