Are you ready for sports day?

Are you ready for sports day?

Sports day. A day for children to give it their all in the hope of obtaining medals or prizes. 

Sports day has been around for decades, when we were children, when our parents were children and now children across the world are about to take part in this event.   

It's one day a year where every member of the school takes part. It’s a great chance for children to prepare before they compete, for children to make better relationships with their teachers and for parents to support their children and socialise with other parents.  

They’re many games to be played in sports day and so many prizes to be won. If you want your child to have an edge, make sure they are properly hydrated and fed. They should eat foods rich in Vitamins B6, B12, C and D on the day of (and the day before) the competition. One way of obtaining these vitamins is with a supplement like ActiKid Magic Beans. 

Here are somof the benefits of sports day and how it can benefit your child: 

  • Physical health: Sports day is a great opportunity for your child to push themselves physically to the best of their ability.   

  • Social interaction - Your children will be able to come out of their comfort zone when they meet other year groups and children on sports day. 

  • Boost confidence - Competing in front of other students, staff and their parents may be scary, but sports day is a great chance for your child to overcome this fear as well as boost their confidence.   

  • Team Work - Your child will be part of a team and will understand how their individual contribution will impact their team’s overall performance. This will enable them to not just focus on their own achievements but also push and motivate their team members to work harder. 

  • Competitive mindset - An Ofsted report conducted stated that in most successful schools, both state and private, headteachers recognise that competitive sport can help build ethos and boost grades. 

  • Importance of rules - Every year there may be some students who do not follow the rules adequately which results in them being disqualified. This will teach your child the importance of following the rules and demonstrating sportsmanship. 

We can see there are so many benefits for your children, before sports day, during sports day and even after sports day. 

If you want your child to maximise their potential, it is vital they get the necessary vitamins that will allow them to be able to compete at their best. These can be obtained from healthy foods and also from supplements such as Actikid Magic Beans which contain 12 vitamins and minerals and are formulated to increase energy and reduce tiredness and fatigue.  

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