What Should I Put In My Child's Lunch Box?

what should I put in my child's lunch box

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

For young children healthy lunches and snacks are very important. It is essential that you offer your child a variety of healthy lunch box choices, these include; fresh fruits, crunchy vegetables, a combination of protein, dairy and carbohydrate foods.  

If you provide your child with a healthy lunch this can contribute to improving their learning and concentration. Encourage your child to sit and eat before heading out to play during lunch and also try to set a good example with your own lunch, as most young children tend to copy their parent’s habits.  

Food suggestions for lunch boxes

There are a lot of healthy food options to choose from when deciding what to put in your child’s lunch box. The list below are a few suggestions which you can take inspiration from;

  • Fruits – It is highly recommended to include fresh or tinned fruits in your child's lunch box. Dried fruits are sticky and high in sugar, so it is best to leave it out.

  • Vegetables – In your child's lunch box include a small container with mixed vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, carrot stick and cucumber. Chips and packets of crisps are best saved for the children’s parties.

  • Milk and yoghurt – Include a small milk carton and fruit yoghurts which is high in calcium and will also improve your child’s digestive health. It is best to leave out flavoured milks and dairy desserts as they are high is sugar.
  • Dips, cheese and biscuits – Pre-packaged or your own homemade versions of cheese and crackers are fine. Young children enjoy mini packaged cheeses. Avoid sweet dips such as chocolate spread and savoury biscuits as they are high in salt and fat.
  • Variety of Breads – It is best to include a variety of breads especially if your child begins to lose interest in sandwiches. Try bread rolls, pita bread, flat bread, bagels, fruit loaf or buns. You can also include muffins, crumpets and rice cakes.
  • Muffins and cakes – Try making your own muffins and cakes, as it is a great way to include more fruit and vegetables. Examples include sultana, carrot and banana. Donuts and creamy cakes are best saved foe special occasions and birthday parties.

These are our suggestions for what we think you should put in your child’s lunch box. Furthermore, it is also vital that your child is consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals to nourish and energise them on a daily basis. You can achieve this with our ActiKid Magic Beans Multi-Vitamin which contains 12 vitamins and minerals formulated to support health from early childhood.  

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