10 things you NEED to know about Salt

Small amounts of salt are essential for our health. Adults only need 1g of salt per day and children even less. Too much salt is dangerous, especially in children...
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Vitamins: Should my Child be taking them?

It’s a common question. What vitamins, if any, should my child take?..

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Vitamin Deficiency? What you need to know Part 1

Your child may be suffering from a vitamin deficiency. Learn the symptoms to watch out for in this article.

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Vitamin D: where do we get it and how much do we need?

Another winter, and like clockwork, more Vitamin D articles. But the question remains – do we get enough...
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Obesity: Tackling the Problem – Causes, Effects, Treatments

Obesity has more than doubled worldwide since 1980. It is a condition which can lead to life threatening illnesses.
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Gelatin free vitamins – the pectin alternative

Gelatin free vitamins are in high demand for a variety of factors including health and religion.
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