New Product! - ActiKid Colic Relief Drops

ActiKid Delictase Colic Relief Drops, 15ml. Available to purchase on the ActiKid website and Amazon. 


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7 Benefits of Honey

Honey has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. In this article we explore the health benefits...
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6 things you NEED to know about Sugar

We’re all having too much sugar. Excess sugar can cause the build up of harmful fat and tooth decay...
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10 Ways Diet can Improve Behaviour in Children

Research into the effect nutrition has in changing behaviour and mood in children has had mixed results...
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10 things you NEED to know about Salt

Small amounts of salt are essential for our health. Adults only need 1g of salt per day and children even less. Too much salt is dangerous, especially in children...
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Vitamins: Should my Child be taking them?

It’s a common question. What vitamins, if any, should my child take?..

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