Nutrients Which Help In A Child’s Development

Nutrients Your Child Needs for Development

The increasingly vast amount of information in the health industry available can often feel overwhelming for most. Young parents in particular, who are gradually learning which nutrients their child’s diet must include. This article will give a quick overview of the nutrients which help in a child’s development, along with their functions in the body.

Beginning the list, in no particular order, is Vitamin A - which allows for normal growth, healthy skin and even helps with tissue repair. Alongside it is Vitamin B, assisting with metabolic activities and the production of red blood cells.


The next essential nutrient which is hardly a surprise is Vitamin C. A nutrient notorious for its many health benefits and for good reason. Vitamin C is used by the body for fighting off infection, as well as for healing. In addition, it also plays a part in the strengthening of tissue, muscles, and skin.  

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Another similarly crucial nutrient is Vitamin D, which interestingly enough, is quite commonly deficient - despite its crucial role in general body function and child development. This of course includes the maintenance of strong teeth and bones, as well as helping the body to absorb minerals such as Calcium. Our Vitamin D3 Oral Spray contains 10mcg of vitamin D3 per serving which is formulated to support your child's health.    

Calcium plays a part in the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth as well. In fact, a lack of calcium in a child’s diet can result in weak and fragile bones – and perhaps even osteoporosis later on.

And last but most certainly not least, is Iron. Iron is essential for a child’s development, especially during periods of rapid growth – since it contributes to blood production and muscle development.

There are of course many other nutrients needed during child development, however parents can be assured that the above nutrients are among the most important and will contribute towards optimal child development.

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