Our Best Tips for Fasting During Ramadan

Best Tips for Fasting During Ramadan

What are the best tips for fasting during Ramadan? 

Ramadan is a uniquely festive occasion in which billions of people partake in the act of fasting from dawn to sunset. Fasting has many physiological benefits, including cellular repair, fat burning, lowering the risk of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, and much more. Fasting is therefore highly beneficial; however it must be done in a way to ensure the body’s requirements are still attended to. Let’s take a look at our best tips for fasting during Ramadan. 

 Portion Control  

This is a tough one, as fasting for 15 hours can understandably lead to a little overindulgence. However, it’s a great idea to open the fast with something small and light. Once your stomach opens up a little more, have a reasonably sized, nutritious meal. Remember it takes about 20 minutes for the body to realise it’s had enough - and so make sure to listen to your body to prevent putting excess stress on it. 

 Nutrition is key 

By virtue of the nature of fasting, there’s less opportunity to stock up on nutrients and minerals crucial to the body. Hence, when the chance to eat does come around, it’s essential to have a variety of foods. This includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fat (such as from nuts and olives) and lean protein. These are all vital in nourishing ourselves. 

 Stay hydrated 

The best tips for fasting during Ramadan wouldn’t be complete without this - drink plenty of water! This applies even when you’re not thirsty, as thirst is a signal from the body that you’re already dehydrated. However, the aim is not to drink gallons of water within a short time, since the body will likely release much of it through urine. Instead, drink water in moderate amounts over an extended period to ensure that more of it is absorbed. 


Fasting at times can be very tiring, however doing some forms of physical activity can help you maintain energy levels throughout the day. The idea is not to over strain yourself and become dehydrated. Instead try shorter and easier exercises such as walking and stretching. It may not sound like it, but these can go a long way.  

We hope you enjoyed this article on our best tips for fasting during Ramadan. Lastly, we’d advise utilising this month to spend time with friends and family, volunteering in the local community and practising mindfulness - along with the important religious rituals which come along with it. This is a great time as without the distraction of food, we can focus more on ourselves and the ones we love. 

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