10 Healthy Habits for Kids That Parents Should Teach

Healthy Habits for Kids

Why is it important to have healthy habits at an early age?

We all know the popular saying – good habits start early. Healthy habits help children grow up happy & confident in their abilities. They can also contribute to preventing future health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease & cancer.

As parents, you have the biggest influence on your children’s behaviour. They will pick up your habits, good & bad. It is extremely important to model healthy habits for kids to see & learn.

Here are 10 healthy habits for kids to learn:

A Balanced Diet

Food gives us energy to accomplish our daily responsibilities. Teach your children to eat on time with balanced portions of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats - and make sure they get their vitamins! This way, they will develop a healthy attitude towards food.

Stay Active

Many studies show that regular exercise & being physically active gives tremendous benefits to one’s health. Encourage your kids to play outdoors. Find out what their favourite sport is and schedule family activities to keep them moving most of the time.


As parents teach their children to eat healthy, eliminating toxins inside their bodies, it is also important to have good personal hygiene. The body will work at optimum levels when it is kept clean inside & out. Not only should children keep their bodies clean, but also their surroundings.

Proper Rest

Teach your kids to have adequate rest. The body needs to recharge after a full day’s work. Sleep at night is vital. We recommend turning off the lights at a regular time so the brain recognizes it is sleeping time.

Read Books 

In the modern world, books are getting less popular. However, reading can teach your children a wide range of knowledge. When reading off screens, there’s always a chance to leave & go to another site or application which can make focusing difficult. Reading a hard copy book will make your child focus on one thing at a time, an acquired skill of highly effective adults.

Stay Positive

Children who are trained to stay positive are resilient, happy & mentally strong. Teach your kids that challenges are a part of life. It is an opportunity for them to learn and improve.


Parents should teach their children that honesty will benefit them in the long-term. 


Children who are respectful will be well-liked by many people. Parents should make sure their children know how to respect everyone, even when they are different.

Spend Time with Family

It is easy to get lost in the business of daily life. Children need to know the importance of spending time with family. This will be their basis of choosing the people they allow into their lives as they grow.

The Importance of Money

Much has been said about money and happiness. Though we are all aware that money is not everything, children should learn how to handle money. When they understand how money works, they will grow up responsible and independent.

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