Why Vitamin C is Important for Kids

Why Vitamin C is Impotant for Kids

Why Vitamin C is Important for Kids 

Everyone knows that when it comes to your general health - but especially children’s health, Vitamin C is key. It’s talked about everywhere - from magazines and articles to health experts and doctors. But they seldom explain why Vitamin C is important. So, it’s time to answer the curious question of why you must include Vitamin C in your children’s diets. In this article, we tell you everything about why Vitamin C is important. 

How Vitamin C Helps Their Body? 

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and is found in many foods like oranges, berries, apples, and peppers. It’s crucial for the body because of the following benefits: 

  • It helps the body form healthy blood vessels, collagen, and muscles, helping maintain various body tissues 
  • It also helps cure various wounds and tissue damages easily 
  • It improves the health of neurotransmitters, which is important for nervous brain signals 
  • It develops healthy bones and teeth, so whether your child likes playing rugby or eating sugarcane, Vitamin C is their best friend 
  • And it promotes the production of carnitine, which supports the transport and breakdown of energy-generating fatty acids 

Vitamin C also helps maintain the body’s immune system as it is rich in antioxidants, boosting your kid’s health. These are the main reasons as to why Vitamin C is important. 

How to Ensure Sufficient Vitamin C Intake? 

Here’s the catch: our bodies can’t naturally produce Vitamin C. So, it is essential that you ensure your child does not suffer Vitamin C deficiency.  

While Vitamin C deficiency isn’t rare, it can still happen if the child has poor eating habits or intestinal malabsorption. And some of the symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency include weakness, discomfort, poor wound healing, emotional changes, bone pain, and even jaundice.  

So, it is essential for your child to consume foods which are high in Vitamin C. Some of the best Vitamin C rich foods are

  • Citrus fruits like oranges or sweet lime 
  • Peppers 
  • Strawberries 
  • Blackcurrants 
  • Broccoli 
  • Brussel sprouts 
  • Potatoes 

Are Vitamin C Supplements Right for Children? 

Vegetables and fruits are terrific sources of Vitamin C. Still, if you want to ensure that your child always gets a sufficient amount of Vitamin C regardless of what fruits they like, you should definitely consider including Vitamin C supplements in their diets.  

ActiKid offers the best Vitamin C supplements, like the ActiKid Vitamin C Drops. These drops are developed using the right ingredients that meet the UK Department of Health’s recommendations. So, with these drops, your child will develop a strong immune system, skin health, and nervous system functions.  

Bottom Line 

Vitamin C is essential for your child’s healthy development, and so you must include Vitamin C in your child’s diet from a young age. Whether you choose to do this through fruits or supplements, you can never go wrong with either—as long as your child is getting enough Vitamin C.  

So, without any further ado, it’s time to order some Vitamin C rich fruits and supplements to improve your kid’s health and lifestyle. 

Stay tuned to ActiKid to know more about conscious parenting and helping your child become a healthy, fit individual. 

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