7 Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors

7 Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors

How to get your kids outdoors.

Many studies show that being outdoors and around nature gives tremendous benefits to one’s health. Our bodies are made to move, so being outdoors offers many chances for your children to play, run around and have fun. Additionally, being around nature is said to help calm our minds and be more connected to our thoughts.

Here are 7 tips to help your kids appreciate being outdoors:

Be clear about what you’re planning

Children today like to know what will happen and what they will be doing. As parents, you are the ones who will be setting the mood and the planning of your family’s outdoor activities. It does not have to be a big thing all the time, even a simple trip to the park or a nearby camping site is good enough.

Keep it simple

As mentioned before, it doesn't have to be something grand. If your neighbourhood has any theme parks or outdoor places you can visit, then scheduling a trip to one of them is enough.

Involve their friends

Children nowadays love doing activities with their friends. If it’s possible to find a schedule with their friends, that will be even more exciting for your children and encourage them to be outdoors.

Find something they love

As parents, finding activities that are connected to your children’s interests is key to encouraging them to do things. If your child loves a sport, then having a schedule involving that will definitely make your child happy to be going outdoors with you.

Let them win

Being outdoors also gives you and your family the opportunity to try out new things. Children are happy when they find themselves with a new skill.

Be the cheerleader

Being the parents means being their most reliable cheerleader. Every time the mood goes down at your outdoor schedule, it’s time to tell your kids that it’s just a small bump in the road and that you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

Ask for their feedback

As with anything, feedback is very important. It’s your guide to know what went well and what went wrong and this will allow you to make better plans in the future.

We hope this article helped to encourage you to plan more activities outside with your family!

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