Tips to Help Your Child Drink More Water

Tips to Help Your Child Drink More Water

Drinking water is extremely important - here are some tips to help your child drink more water.

The importance of drinking water for kids is often underestimated, despite it being one of the most effective ways of keeping your child healthy. However, getting your child to drink enough water can be an issue. So, how do you get your child to drink more water without forcing them? Here are a few tips to encourage your kid to drink more water. 

 1. Buy Them an Exciting Water Bottle

This is a slightly interesting and weird tip, but for kids especially it can make all the difference! Buying a themed water bottle can keep them interested more often, and hence drink more water. Maybe they like a water bottle with cars on it, or their favourite superhero! You’d be surprised at how well this trick works.  

2. Make Drinking Water Fun 

Another way to encourage your child to drink more water is to challenge them to drink it to a certain level of the cup or bottle. For instance, if they have a bottle with a photo of the Statue of Liberty, challenge them to drink until a certain point.  

3. Stick a Slice of Fruit in the Bottle 

Does your child like a particular fruit the most? You can put a slice of it in their bottle to make them associate water with their favourite fruit. Doing so will add a mild undertone of the fruit to the water, which will make them like drinking water further. 

4. Get Silly Straws 

Some kids love drinking beverages with weird straws, and if your kid is one of them, you should get a silly straw to make them drink more water. A few colourful, twisty straws would be fun for them, and you can switch the straws every now and then to keep them excited until it becomes a habit.

5. Set an Example 

Kids learn best when they see you do it. So, if they see you drink a lot of water, subconsciously, they will also want to mimic you and drink more water - this is psychologically proven. Understanding the importance of drinking water for kids always begins with the parents.  

6. Reward Them 

Kids often don’t listen, but they would be willing to do a lot of things for a reward. This could be anything - from their favourite snack, to promising to do a certain activity. So, start by asking them to drink water more regularly, and let them know that they will be rewarded if they drink enough. You only need to do this for a few weeks - until this drinking water schedule becomes their habit

Drinking water helps your child’s skin glow, makes them more active, and maintains their weight. So, let’s raise awareness of the importance of drinking water for kids - and start with these tips.  

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