What a Healthy Lifestyle Looks Like

Healthy Lifestyle

What a healthy lifestyle looks like: Is there such a thing as harmful foods?

The answer may surprise you, but the truth is there isn't. Yes that's right, every food - no matter which category it belongs to, gives the body nutrients and sustenance. That's not to say that there are foods less nutritious than others, but even those will likely contain nutrients that our body needs. Therefore, we can't say that they are harmful by themselves - instead they become harmful when eaten excessively. In fact, too much of anything including healthier foods and even water can be harmful.

As we all know, our bodies need protein, fibre, sugar and even fat to survive. We are designed to eat a variety of food so that we can get all of the nutrients & vitamins we need. When our diet has this variety and we eat in moderation, having something that may be less nutritious will not negatively affect our health. Remember that all foods contain nutrients and so all foods are beneficial, they just have to be eaten in their own healthy proportions. With the above in mind, here are some tips to show what a healthy lifestyle looks like:

Create A Meal Plan

Good meal planning is what a healthy lifestyle looks like. This can also be especially helpful if both parents work full time. Having a weekly meal plan will give you a chance to incorporate a good variety of food categories into your family’s diet. Also, your children will be trained to eat in moderation as they will not have a chance to get hungry or skip a meal.

Give Yourself A Break

Allow your kids and yourself a ‘cheat’ day where you eat what you like. After days of eating a balanced diet, cravings may start to kick-in, and there’s nothing wrong with giving in once in a while. It will help you and your children be even more committed to a healthy lifestyle because you know that you are not restricted from anything.

Exercise Regularly

Finding time to exercise regularly gives tremendous benefits to one’s health. Whether you exercise to control your cravings, keep a healthy weight, or for added energy - the most important thing is to do it consistently. Remember that you don’t have to exercise to exhaustion, learn to listen to your body.

Find Your Rhythm

This is important for both parents and children alike to do. There is no single way to be healthy. Choosing what works for us as long as we know and feel that our bodies and minds are functioning properly is what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Our bodies will always give out signals and we need to be mindful enough to recognize them.

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